This is the Core-Database class, responsible for database connections and communication between program and database.
I am sorry to inform you that I couldn't exec one of your statements, because it contains errors.
A SQL error has occured within the following SQL-Statement:

 Invalid SQL: UPDATE solid_statistic_counter
                   SET cou_hits_today = cou_hits_today+1,
                       cou_hits_total = cou_hits_total+1
The mySQL-Server says: Out of resources when opening file './f4u_new/solid_statistic_counter.MYD' (Errcode: 24)
SQL error number: 23
SQL-Statements successfully executed before: 0 queries successfully executed
Defective Script: /var/www/fight4u.de/page/admin/lib/sessionmanagement.php (on Line 47)
Error reported by: do_query of class Solid_Database

Date: 26.10.2014 - 06:56

Please contact the Administrator.